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Did you invest serious cash in a website because the experts told you too? Are you frustrated because your site is just not turning visitors into buyers? The experts told you that more and more people are buying online, yet they are not buying from you and you don’t know why. When you check the stats for visitors to your site, you can instantly see that people are finding you which is great. The problem is when they find your site they only stay for a little while, which means they are unlikely to buy from you. A You Only Have A Few Seconds. Did you know that you only have a few seconds to capture your audience attention? In those few seconds your site needs to deliver the message that means they will stay long enough to either buy from you or contact you. The Problem. Most websites have been designed to look good, looking good is great if you want people to admire your site. The problem is, looking good does not turn visitors into buyers. The Solution. People have found your site because they are looking to purchase what you sell or have a problem which they hope you can solve for them. This means that in those first few seconds you have to deliver a message which says that you have exactly what they are looking for or you can solve their problem. Can you now see why looking good is not enough? Words and Pictures are Not Enough! Words and pictures may say what you sell, but in the very short time available are just not enough. The Spoken Word is much more powerful than the written word. You have two ways to deliver the spoken word on your site. You can use video which is seen as the most powerful way, video requires more space on your site and unless you have the right software and skills to produce great video this can be an expensive option. The Power of Audio Putting an Audio file on your page and setting it to play once, as soon as someone opens the page, means that you can instantly engage with your visitor and tell them exactly what you can offer them. They can even take a quick look around as they listen to your message. The great thing about Audio is that it takes up very little space. It gets even better if you use a professional voice like we do, having someone who can vary the tone and volume, use emotion and know where to pause makes a real difference.   Do it Yourself If you have invested serious money in your site development and are here because you want more people buying from you so you can get a return on your investment, you probably don’t want to spend too much more. We understand this, so we have created a product which will show you every step required to create great Audio that you can publish on your site quickly and easily. VoiceOvers Made Easy We deliberately named this product VoiceOvers Made Easy, because we want you to understand that voiceovers are easy to do once you know how. We have even included a service where we will turn your recording into a file ready to load on your site. This product will enable you how to write a script, show you what software to use and how to use it and most importantly give you tips on recording your message so you stand the best chance of converting more visitors into customers. Worth £297  We believe in offering real value for money, our principle is to over deliver on content and keep our products affordable for the masses. So we have included a range of bonuses adding more and more value. Script Writer Bonus One of the hardest tasks when preparing a promo is the skill of script writing. We have decided to offer you access to our script writer who will write the first 2 minute script for you. Worth £197 Professional VoiceOver Bonus Having a 2 minute script written for you is great, we want to offer you more. Once we have written the script and received your approval, we will have a Professional Voice record the Audio file for you. Worth $147 MP3 File Bonus Once the recording is complete, we will send the final version to you in MP3 format ready to load to your website. Worth £97 Website Review Bonus The biggest challenge for most business owners is knowing the difference between a good looking website and a website which converts visitors into buyers. With this in mind, we will ask our Internet Marketing Expert to review your website and give you a written report on how you can use both Audio and Video to increase your conversion rate. With some 50 years business experience and nearly 20 years online experience, he will be able to review any business, whatever the market place and suggest various ways to enhance your site performance. Worth £197 Online Performance Bonus Our final bonus will enable you to take a close look at your website and ensure that each page is correctly optimised to give it the best chance of being found when people search for you. This document will also give you advice on how your online media should be Branded and connected to ensure when people find you, they can instantly recognise who you are, what you do and either buy from you or contact you. Worth £97 What is this Package Worth? There are two ways to value this package: First you should look at it from an overall business point of view, with the right audio messages on your site, you will increase your conversion rate. Put a value on doubling your online business if you already get business online and you will realise how valuable this program is. Alternatively if you are getting visitors, but no sales then imagine getting two, three or more sales every month because you make it easier for people to understand what you offer and buy from you. What value would you put on getting more sales? £... VoiceOvers Made Easy                               Worth £297 For this one off Special we have included all the Bonuses Script Writer Bonus       Worth £197 Professional VoiceOver Bonus         Worth £147 MP3 File Bonus                        Worth £97 Website Review Bonus                Worth £197 Online Performance Bonus                        Worth £97  VoiceOvers Made Easy Special                Total Value £1032 Special Offer  This special edition of VoiceOvers Made Easy is available for £197 for the next 7 days. After 7 days the price will increase to £297 and then to its full price of £497. To take immediate action and increase your website conversion rate, click the button below and secure your copy of VoiceOvers Made Easy with all the bonuses today. We will only hold the £197 price for the next 7 days. Click the buy button NOW and secure your copy straight away. How To Buy “VoiceOvers Made Easy Special”? You receive all of the above for just £197 one off payment. To purchase this product today, just click the Buy Now button and complete your payment via PayPal or your credit/debit card. PayPal will accept any currency worldwide. VoiceOvers Made Easy is worth over £1000. For 7 days only, buy VoiceOvers Made Easy Special for £197
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