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VoiceOvers Made Easy Keep Visitors On Your Website Longer And Convert More Of Them into Customers.
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Do you recognise this situation? Everyone told me that I needed a website for my business, because this is the latest way to grow your business fast. So I invested a few hundred or maybe thousands to have someone spend time designing one for me. Unfortunately I think I wasted my hard earned cash as I rarely get any business from it, even though I have changed all my marketing material to promote this so called great marketing tool. Why Most Websites Don’t Work? A website is very much like a shop or business, if it is not easy to find, people will struggle to find it. If when people do find it, they cannot instantly recognise that it provides the solution to their problem, and then fails to make it clear how they can buy that solution within a very short space of time, they will leave. The majority of Websites rely on the written word and images to get their message across when most people learn faster from the spoken word. What is so often missing from many websites is a simple message which tells them how they can buy from you or contact you. So many websites hide the most important information away and wonder why people don’t contact them or buy from them.  How To Make Your Website More Effective. Are you looking for more sales from your website, of course you are, then here is the best way to achieve them. There are just a few seconds for you to convince most visitors that you have what they are searching for, if they have to study pictures and read what you have on offer then the chances of them staying on your site are very limited. You can change your conversion rate fast, if as soon as your visitor lands, they hear your voice telling them what you do, how it can help them and most importantly what they have to do to either buy from you or contact you. The challenge is, knowing how to achieve each of the following: 1. Write a powerful script which people will listen to. 2. Record that script using the right voice and tone to keep them listening. 3. Creating an Audio file (MP3) to use on your Website. 4. Loading the file on the site in the right place. Would You Like To Learn How? If you want more business from your Website the answer must be Yes please. The good news is that we have asked our VoiceOver expert and radio presenter Neil to create a simple step by step process you can follow to ensure you can create your own online messages. Then how to add them to your site ensuring when people visit they stay long enough to either buy from you or contact you. So What Is VoiceOvers Made Easy Worth? The value will vary per website based on the value of your products and services, so rather than give you a specific figure this is what I suggest. First write down the cost of your products/services, deduct your costs to establish your net profit. Now you have your net profit, imagine you had one more sale per month, what would that be worth? If you write your script well and then present it in a convincing voice, you are more likely to generate more than one extra sale per month. So let us say you convert 5 extra visitors into buyers per month, what would this be worth to your business? By the way, get this right and you could convert many more. So What Will “VoiceOvers Made Easy” Cost? It would be easy to price this product at a few hundred dollars (pounds), because once you know how to create powerful voice messages on your site, you will increase sales every month generating substantial amounts of profit for your business. At the same time we want as many people as possible to benefit from the knowledge we will be sharing, so we have set the price at a very low one off payment of £59. Let me tell you what you receive for this small sum. How to write a short powerful script which converts visitors into buyers. How to record your script to maximise its impact. How to create an MP3 file ready for loading on your website. Where to find the tools to do the job. Example MP3 files you can use to ensure you create the right effect. SPECIAL Bonus We believe in giving real value for money, so if you buy this product we will give you an example MP3 where our Voiceover expert took an individual from Radio Nightmare to Radio Friendly in just one hour. Worth £150 Plus a manual on how to write and create an effective promotion you can follow step by step. Worth £20 SUPER Bonus It gets better with our SUPER Bonus. Send us up to 5 x 2 minute recordings and we will send back the code required to load them on your website with the player of your choice.  Worth £75 How To Buy “VoiceOvers Made Easy”. You receive all of the above for just £59 one off payment. To purchase your copy and download this product today, just click the Buy Now button below and complete your payment via PayPal or your credit/debit card. PayPal will accept any currency worldwide. No Quibble Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with VoiceOvers Made Easy within the next 60 days, just email us and we will refund your investment in full. VoiceOvers Made Easy is worth over £300. For a limited time only, buy VoiceOvers Made Easy for £59
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