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Turn your online investment into a money machine with powerful information packed Video. Fact, video not only tells people what you do, how it helps them and how to contact you, it shows them what you are selling, the benefits of the product or service and how to buy it or contact you to buy it. Video takes away the mystery of what you are offering and enables your website visitor to see exactly what it is and why they should buy it. The Power of Video. Video is powerful because you can use it in a number of different ways, yes you can demonstrate your own product or service live on screen. You can also create PowerPoint slides and talk through them. You can video your computer screen as you walk someone through the buying process. You can combine the slide presentation with an online demonstration. Whatever way you do this, you need to be sure the presentation is good quality. Professional Voices The type of video you choose is up to you, the voice you choose is crucial to the quality of your message. The secret is to find someone who talks for a living and has the skill to tailor the message to your market place. Neil Long has been presenting on radio for many years, gaining considerable knowledge and experience which he has agreed to share with everyone looking to increase the conversion rate of their website. Neil has the ability to make people listen to what he says. He can record a script which can be used with a slide presentation, description of an online demonstration or a combination of slide show and online demonstration. What to say. What to say is as important as how to say it. The length of the recording is also important, too long and people will stop listening, too short and you will fail to convert them into buyers. The duration of the audio for your video will be dependant on what you are trying to achieve, if it is an intro video then it will be reasonably short.  For a demonstration video the script will be longer and for a how to purchase video again the script should be reasonably short. With this end in mind we will do the following: Provide you with a simple step by step guide to writing a script which works. Work with you to ensure you create the best script possible before Neil records it. Let you listen to the recording and make comments before signing off the recording. Amend the recording up to three times to ensure it meets your needs. Provide the code you need to publish the video on your site. Work with your Webmaster to ensure the Video plays correctly. What is the value of a Professional Video? Having a professional record the audio for your video means the end result is likely to convert into more sales. More sales mean more profit. More profit means more overall value to your business. What does it cost to Hirer our Professional Voice? Let us first look at the complete package: 1. You own the audio and video. 2. Includes Studio time to record and edit the video, using professional gear and software. 3. Includes three minor revisions within 30 days post-delivery. 4. Includes Video delivery, in MP4 format, or other method to be agreed, includes the code for upload to the site. If you would like us to quote a price to record the audio for your video or record the complete video for you, please email your name and contact details to neil@knightfantastic.com we will then call you to discuss your needs prior to providing a very competitive quote in writing.   Please see our terms and condition for additional information. No Quibble Money Back Guarantee If for any reason the quality of the recording fails to meet your expectations we will refund payment in full within 60 days of purchase. Delivery Times. On receipt of your order we will provide details of our turn round time based on receiving your script and either raw video or PowerPoint slides on time. Our aim is to deliver your recording to the highest quality in the shortest time possible. Why Video Works Let me remind you why you should consider having Video on your website. More people will stay longer on your site. More people will understand what you do and the benefits to them. More people are likely to buy from you because your message is clearer and easier to understand. If you are looking to convert more visitors to your website into Customers then email us your needs today and we will help you achieve your goal. neil@knightfantastic.com
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