Welcome to Why VoiceOvers Work, we have created this site because we have lots of evidence that the spoken word is much more powerful than the written word. With this in mind Derek Kemp has teamed up with Neil Long, Neil is a radio presenter with many years experience of using his voice to capture the attention of the audience and entertain them for long periods. Neil is not just a radio presenter, he also provides business owners with quality voiceovers they can use on their websites and other media to promote what they do, tell people who they are and why they should contact them. Knowing the importance of the spoken word is one thing, being able to deliver the message in the right way is often something different. We know how important it is to convert visitors to your site into buyers, with Neil’s help we can help you grow your business faster and turn your website investment into a good return for your business. To find out more check out the products we have developed specifically for you. Click here to find out more about Neil Long.
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