"The *SHOCKING* Truth Exposed..

"Now you can sound decent when you put your voice on your website, without sounding like a used car salesman... or worse!"

(Something worse than a used car salesman?!)

Dear Friend

Strong words. And more than a little humerous!

Have you ever, as a marketer, wanted to put your voice on your website, and, after recording it, saying something like "I DON'T SOUND LIKE THAT DO I!!"

C'mon, remember the first answerphone message you recorded. Or did you ever record your voice when you were younger??

It happened to Colin Joss a marketer, and he came to me( a radio DJ) for help.

And help him I did. Quickly. And cheaply. And effectively.



  • How, with no experience previously, you can make yourself sound positive and confident.
  • A simple method for getting your point across, easily replicable


  • How to find inexpensive background music to match the genre you have chosen.
  • How to create stuff that sounds as good as you hear on the radio.


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