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Podcasting Gold Service
Save Even More Time with our Gold Service. One Hour of valuable information is published to your Podcast Show. Gold Standard - You write the Podcast script and record it and we will edit it for you using one of our Professional editing team, once you have approved it we will upload it for you. Gold Premium - You write the podcast and we will record it for you, using one of our professional voices/interviewers (who already use these skills in the world of commercial radio)  including if required an interview with a guest of your choice.  We will edit it and once approved by you we will upload it for you. You will also receive the complete Silver Service Package which includes: Offer you free hosting Install wordpress and configure it for you Install the podcasting plugin and configure it Make your podcast iTunes ready Create bespoke artwork and upload it to your blog Set up your SEO plugin. Install your social media buttons If you have YouTube content we will “scrape” the audio and get it podcast ready (Max 1 Hour). AND , we will EDIT it for you. UP to one hour a month. AND, we will upload it for you! We will do your SEO as well. And we will store the audio as well which you can access at any time. All you have to do is notify your subscribers about it. The vast majority of the techie and behind the scenes side is done for you. Apart from the recording of the podcast, your total time commitment is 7 minutes. NOW THAT’S time saving. Special Bonuses  We will also include: A Get into Radio book, full of radio insider tips and tricks VALUE $37 30 minute consultation with me VALUE $500 How to make a perfect promo document $17 What is Podcast Gold Service Worth? Having a Professional Voice record your Podcast for you and have our editing team do the editing too not only adds a value of time, in many cases it will add value to your Podcast too. 13 hours of our time at $75 per hour is $975. Add to that the bonuses and the value increases to over 1,500 Dollars. Our Voiceover professionals usually charge at least $250 per hour for their time plus editing, increasing the value of our Gold package to over 2,000 Dollars. Compare this amount with the return on your investment as you turn more and more prospects into customers and I think you will agree this service is exceptional value for money. What Does Podcast Gold Service Cost? We want you up and running as quickly as possible, so we have priced the Gold service package to make your decision easy to make. Because of the work required we have limited the number of Gold Service places to just 7 per month, so book your place today to avoid disappointment. Gold Standard - You script the Podcast and record it and we edit it and upload it for you including everything stated in the Silver Service. Max One Hour Show. Gold Premium - You script the Podcast and we record, edit it and upload to your show including everything stated in the Silver Service. Max One Hour Show.
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