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There are One BILLION  Podcast Subscribers in the World. Only 250,000 Podcasters provide content so far. Now that’s an opportunity!
One Billion reasons to create your own Podcasts and Podcast Show I think! My name is Neil Long and I present on Radio every morning and know the power of the spoken word. Sharing your message with the masses is essential if you have a message to share. Podcasts are a form of media you can use to deliver your message to the masses. And yes, you can make money with Podcasts too. What is a Podcast? First let us take a look at the word itself, Pod means iPod which you will probably relate to Apple and iTunes. Cast came from the word Broadcast, which relates to Radio and TV. Combine the two together and you can create messages that people will listen to on their iPod or similar device. Of course you don’t need an iPod anymore, you can access iTunes from your Computer, Tablet or iPhone these days. A Podcast is an audio (MP3) file just like a music file. It can include music as well as voice. Imagine if you create quality messages that people can listen to on any of these devices. Podcasting establishes credibility in the marketplace, authority and professionalism as well. Your Own Show On iTunes Yes with Podcasts you can create your own show on iTunes and people will listen to you as they go about their daily business. They can listen to you online, on their iPod, iPhone and more… This means they can listen to your messages from virtually anywhere. When I say create your own show, encourage people to subscribe to your podcast show and encourage them to learn the best secrets of whatever you do. The more value you deliver in your Podcasts the greater the chance of people buying fom you. We are not just talking about one podcast here, we are talking about posting regular podcasts to iTunes as often as you like. Perhaps you would like to post new information every day, once a week or once a month. Whatever you choose you can create information about your products or service enabling your target audience to learn so much more about what you do. It’s free to put podcasts on iTunes and if you really want to, you can sell your content and iTunes will even collect the money for you. So whatever market place you are in, you can create your own Podcast Show and add new content as often as you like. Can you see the power of Podcasts now, I hope so? How Can I Make Money from Podcasts? This is a good question, let me explain. Imagine you have quality information you want to share with others, you put this information into a podcast, if you create the script right you can direct the listener to your Web page, Opt-In Page, Blog or Social Media or even your telephone to find out more and then buy from you. Consider the Podcast as a marketing tool enabling you to build a strong relationship with your audience as you convert them from lookers into buyers.. Combine relationship building and marketing together and you have a great tool. Remember Podcasts can be played on different devices, this means you can reach your audience while they are travelling on the train, driving their car, on a flight,  jogging in the park or just relaxing in the sunshine. How Easy is it to Create a Podcast? Like any technology, podcasting brings many blessings, but as a natural consequence creates some problems as well, such as the need to invest time learning new skills. You have landed here for one of a number of reasons: You would like to learn how to create your own Podcasts. You would like help in creating your own Podcasts. You want to use Podcasts, but don’t have the time to create them. You are looking for a complete Done for You service. Like so many things, it depends on your basic technical skills when using computers and software. Learn How or Hire an Expert! For many we recommend acquiring help from an expert, simply to save you time and launch your Podcasts online fast. If you are interested but just don’t have the time… we can help you with the solutions on this site. If you want to learn the skills, then our Basic product is the one for you. However, if you are interested yet pushed for time (let’s face it who isn’t!) …then we have a range of solutions for you on this website. You can choose from our Podcast menu opposite. Our Silver Service reduces the amount of time and knowledge you need as we will do the majority of the techie work for you. Our Gold Service is the complete done for you service, which means we will use our professional voices to record the podcast and do all the techie work too. If you are very serious about launching your own top class Podcast Show fast, then choose our Platinum Service. It includes three Jingle Liners including lifetime licences created by us. My name is Neil Long and I am here to help you grow your business fast. Welcome. Please take time to explore.
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