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If you are looking for a seasoned DJ with over 1000 gigs under his belt, professional voiceover work for your website, video or project, or help marketing your product or service online, or help with voice training and public speaking skills, you are in the right place.

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Personal appearances

I am available for all kinds of events, corporate events, fundraisers, after dinner speeches, also available to talk to schools (or any age group) about broadcasting and radio. I can present broadcast training to students.

I am a professional DJ and radio presenter, and internet marketer....

There is an audio below of one of my "Hot Mixes", and a video of an event that I DJ'd at- you can see me at .35 seconds behind the guy with the sax (Julian Smith!)


Hi Neil, just to say thanks for Saturday night, it was absolutely brilliant. I have spoken to some of the people there and all have said that they enjoyed the evening especially the music mixture. Thanks again and see you soon.




Internet Marketing Intel

If you have a business, or are thinking of starting a business online, I have a series of interviews with internet professionals- we will help you go from where you are to where you want to be as quickly as possible, we will help you avoid the pitfalls. We also are savvy on what does what and what works best in the world of the internet and can recommend for you- help take out the guesswork.


(You can leapfrog the learning curve and avoid the information overload, believe me, I have been there!)

Voiceover Work

Research has shown that audio on your website encourages people to stay there longer, and makes the site more relevant and compelling...

How about a professional radio voice??



Radio Broadcast skills training

Do you want to be on the radio, do you have a dream?

Do you want to learn the tools of the trade, how to speak, what to say, timings, how to create relevant, entertaining and compelling content your listeners will love?

Perhaps you are a public speaker or use your voice in your everyday job and want to improve your skills.

Perhaps you are a budding DJ, and want to go out on your own, or do the club circuit.

There is a ton of resources here, and a free gift for you.