Putting Your Information Together
Now that you have done your research you will want to have a way to
display what you were able to find. You may choose just to have the
pedigree chart and supporting documents in a binder, but there are
many more creative ways that you can use to display your ancestry to

With the popularity of scrapbooking you may choose to assemble a
scrapbook with pictorial evidence of the locations from which your
ancestors originated, reproductions of churches, landscapes,
landmarks and even gravestones. You could include reduced size
copies of birth, marriage and death certificates as well as photos of
individual ancestors when available. Copies of newspaper cuttings can
also be included. You could make several of these and give them to
those family members who were particularly helpful or give them as

One popular method of displaying your ancestry is to have your family
tree embroidered on a piece of cloth and then framed. This way it can
be displayed for everyone to see.

Another option for those so inclined, would be to put your family
history into writing, making a book for future generations to read.
Using photos, newspaper cuttings etc. liberally throughout would make
the book more enjoyable.

The ways that you can use to display or record your family history
once you have researched it are limited only by your imagination.




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