To help you through lifes changes 0208 8404 2838

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Phychotherapy,Counselling, Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique.(EFT), Weight management courses, Reiki, guidance.

We are a London based service. We can offer a selection of different ways to treat you. If you are in the London or Home Counties area we can treat you with a personal therapist either at one of our practices, at your office or in your home. If you live outside this area, we cannot offer you this service at the moment. We can also offer services via Telephone services, voice call or text, Internet media and email, Video/Audio meeting services. Do not be put of by costs, we understand that not every one who needs help and therapy can afford the cost, if fact we find that those who need it most are often the ones that can not or when you find you need help in your life is the time when money is at its least. We  still offer to  see where we can help. 

We offer treatments for: 

Anger management.

Gain Self confidence.

Stop Blushing.

Improve Salesmenship.

Improve Sport Performance.

Allow your self to Public speak /Stage fright.

Focus and Concentration.

Ease Shyness.

Deal with Stress.


Fear of Doctors / Dentist / Injections.

Fear of Spiders / Insects / Animals.

Fear of Closed spaces / Open spaces.

Fear of Interviews / Tests / EXAMS.

Reduce Fear of loneliness.
Learn NATAL Self Hypnosis.

Post natal Depression.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


Lose Weight. Weight Management


Stopping Easily?

Stop Smoking.

Stop Alcohol Abuse.

Stop Drug Abuse.

Stop Gambling.

Stop Panic Attacks.

Stop Sleep related Disorders.

Stop Snoring.

Stop Sleep Talking / Walking.

Ease Relationship Stress.

Cure Depression.

Stop Anxiety.

Healing Broken Relationships.

Divorce Stress.

                                             We can offer services by Phone, email, letter or face to  face.

                                           Call  Kate on:  07545618462   or Alan on 07878209592 

                                                         email :   or   kate: