To help those most in need through lifes changez 0208 404 9374

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                                       Changez, the Counselling / Psychotherapy / Clinical Hypnotherapy  charity.

Changez is a charity set up to provide  help and  people support when they most need it, by providing counselling, psychotherapy and clinical hypnotherapy to those suffering from all different kinds of emotional trauma.


Changez is different in this respect, both Directors of Changez  have a wealth of experience and qualification in psychotherapy and Clinical hypnotherapy, we can act quickly and directly with the client  and able to administer this therapy at a time when its needed rather  than just putting the client on a referrals list or advising them where they may seek therapy.
We know only to well that it is often those who desperately  need help at a time in there life where and when its needed , is often the same time due to  the suffering of there problems that money is at its least for them, and thus the services of the right kind of therapy is out of reach for them. was set up as a charity to  address the issue.

Kate Hudson-Hall has trained extensively in hypnotherapy/psychotherapy and Neuro–Linguistic Programming and holds an Advanced Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma. Kate is an Emotional Freedom Technique Specialist and is also a certified Practitioner of the Usui System of Reiki Healing and Reiki Master. Kate has recently achieved a Diploma in Diet & Nutrition.She is committed to assisting her clients in achieving their full potential. Kate is a registered wirh the the GHSC/GHR (General Hypnotherapy Standards Council / General Hypnotherapy Register.
Contact kate on: 07545618462

Alan was  trained in Clinical  hypnotherapy by the late Bob Neill. Bob was one of the most respected Clinical Hypnotherapists and experts in the subconscious mind in the field. He was amongst the founders of   hypnotherapy in the 1950s with his expertise . Alan has been fortunate to have been personally trained by Bob some 6 years ago, and proud to have been given the understanding of Bob's knowledge from his 50 years experience in this field. Alan has an expertise in dealing with clients with multiple and serious emotional issues. Alan is also a qualified Reiki Master with  a practice in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire and North West london area. Alan holds membership of the Hypnotherapy Practitoners Association, is registered with the General Hypnotherapy register / General Hypnotheraapy Standards Council GHR/GHSC  and holds membership of  with the united fellowship of Hypnotherapists. 

Contact Alan on : 07878209592









Copy of : Goverening doument , available on request.